Mega BOX

The Mega Box Appliance Ltd team will strive to meet or exceed the expectations of every customer through outstanding customer service and technical repair expertise.  We will try diligently to complete each repair on our first trip to the customer’s home.  Our goal is to establish lifelong relationships with our customers so they can confidently refer our services to their family, friends and co-workers.

It would be great if home appliances ran forever without any problems, but this simply isn’t the case. Nearly all appliance manufacturers offer warranties for defective units, but some of these warranties have service guidelines and specify the use of particular replacement parts. It is best to work with a company like ours that respects manufacturers’ specifications and has the expertise to repair a variety of systems.

WH Appliance Repair program is available to everyone in our service territory and helps you and your family with unexpected appliance repair bills. Liebherr appliance repair in San Diego it’s our priority and main practice.

For a low monthly fee of $18.75, you will receive parts and labor coverage for your choice of any five appliance from the list below:

Air Source Heat Pump (internal components)
Central Air Conditioner
Clothes Dryer (gas or electric)
Clothes Washer
Cook Top (counter top unit, gas or electric that is a separate unit from the oven, same coverage as Range)
Electric Plenum Heater
Freezer (chest or upright)
Heating System (gas or electric)
Range (single unit, gas or electric)
Wall Oven
Water Heater (gas or electric)